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Taters, 'Shrooms, and friends!

Lori, Seraphim, and Fyodor helping with planting potatoes, guided by Timothy!

One of the trails on the Western part of the monastery land...

the "Three-in-one" Walnut tree on the south side of the monastery...

Seraphim found a Morel!

Searching for Morels we found more "turkey tail" mushrooms.

Returning from Vespers at our "Lake Ladoga", led by Linwood :)

Lex, resting on Fr. Alexii in the boat, trying to catch some post-Pascha fish

Hirschie helping to find mushrooms

Morel #1 !!!

Morel #2 !!

Pascha seen in nature!

Pear blossom with apple blossoms in the orchard

Lex leading the way as our scout

Come on!

Common scene outside trapeza

Redbuds and Minki

Holy Saturday morning

Fr. Symeon helping burn brush in Bright Week.

Fr. Silouan helping with our "Salmon burger" fish fry

Hristos Voskrese! Christos Anesti! Christ is Risen!!!

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