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Taters, 'Shrooms, and friends!


Lori, Seraphim, and Fyodor helping with planting potatoes, guided by Timothy!

IMG_0944 (3).JPG

One of the trails on the Western part of the monastery land...

IMG_0940 (2).JPG

the "Three-in-one" Walnut tree on the south side of the monastery...

IMG_0936 (2).JPG

Seraphim found a Morel!


Searching for Morels we found more "turkey tail" mushrooms.

IMG_0893 - Copy.JPG

Returning from Vespers at our "Lake Ladoga", led by Linwood :)

IMG_0912 - Copy.JPG

Lex, resting on Fr. Alexii in the boat, trying to catch some post-Pascha fish

IMG_0924 - Copy.JPG

Hirschie helping to find mushrooms

IMG_0925 - Copy.JPG

Morel #1 !!!


Morel #2 !!

IMG_0892 - Copy.JPG

Pascha seen in nature!

IMG_0884 - Copy.JPG

Pear blossom with apple blossoms in the orchard

IMG_0880 - Copy.JPG

Lex leading the way as our scout

IMG_0878 - Copy.JPG

Come on!

IMG_0874 - Copy.JPG

Common scene outside trapeza

IMG_0843 - Copy - Copy.JPG

Redbuds and Minki

IMG_0845 - Copy - Copy.JPG

Holy Saturday morning

IMG_0866 - Copy - Copy.JPG

Fr. Symeon helping burn brush in Bright Week.

IMG_0867 - Copy.JPG

Fr. Silouan helping with our "Salmon burger" fish fry

IMG_0873 - Copy.JPG

Hristos Voskrese! Christos Anesti! Christ is Risen!!!

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