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Bishop LONGIN on Feast of Holy Archangel Michael

On November 21, 2015, the Feast of Holy Archangel Michael and All Angels, we were joined by His Grace, Vladika LONGIN and Proto Deacon Milovan from New Gracanica Monastery.

Bishop LONGIN mentioned how much he loved it here! He can't wait to come back. It was our first visit from His Grace.

We were joined by people from many places ... Serbia, Croatia, China, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Russia, Ukraine and quite a few states in the USA. After serving the Holy Divine Liturgy, His Grace prayed over the Koliva and the Kolach (the blessed bread) for the Slava, the main feast of our monastery.

We hope this coming year to add an additional slava day on September 20, 2016, another feast of Holy Archangel Michael and have him come when we still have green trees! Slava Bogu! Eis polla eti Despota to His Grace!!!

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