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Harvesting Wheat

We are so thankful that last fall (2015) we were able to plant red winter wheat on the roof of the trapeza. We started harvesting a couple of days before Pentecost (50 Days after Pascha, the First Fruits of the Eternal Harvest). Then, we proceeded to thresh it after performing the blessing of the threshing floor. So many parables have come to life (the Sower and the Seed; the Wheat and the Tares; the threshing of the wheat, and much more). We also have learned to appreciate how much time and energy goes into bringing forth a few cups of wheat berries! Indeed, perfect work for Jesus Prayer and listening to edifying reading. These photos will share the process with you. We still have more to thresh but the process has been inspiring!

The photos above describe the process from waiting during the winter to the first shoots of wheat to the covered roof to harvesting, threshing, winnowing, until finally, koliva (the decorated dish) for the departed , and prosfora bread for Holy Communion!

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